Member Testimonials

At EzeeBetr Club, we always love to hear from our members, below are some Testimonials from some of our members – if you’d like to submit your own Testimonial, please visit contact us and send us one!

It’s a great way to improve your savings, just frustrating you can’t spend the profits In the first two months, best Interest rates over time, by far, I’ve ever had but well worth the initial risk factor.

Peter / Exmouth

For a retired widow, always having had an interest in Horse Racing, it’s a fun way to pass away afternoons! I never watch the race – it’s too tense at times, when you’re watching your money!! Always look up the result after the race.

Barbara / Saffron Walden

There’s always a risk these offers but the difference this presented gained my curiosity but I could see the plan was more than feasible and working with the odds on a horse to lose a race multiplied by the number of weekly races struck a chord. When the Betting Bank Reached 10 fold ( £2500 ) I was glad I took the chance!

Bill / Wisbech

Lots of monthly profit but I had to get used to the Betting Exchange site to operate first. Best to start with a desktop or laptop first – see the screen better, unless you’re a youngster born with Smart phone ! I treated the first month as an acorn month and let the profits grow slowly – it was month two that I realised this was a good system!

Angela / Wales

Always wanted that extra bit of cash on the hip, so to speak, and this gave me that. Just wish I been able to do this 20 years ago!!

Tony / Leamington Spa

Never thought I’d make money betting on horses to lose a race – Weird! As most of the Bets are to Lose But happy with the system and profit returns!

Peter / Portsmouth

No issues with this after gaining real confidence after the 1st Month, what I found difficult to work with is that after you reach £2500 you have to Split this over two Betting Exchanges 50/50 which doubles your workload. Always easier and faster with a Computer for an oldie, that is!!

Chris / Darlington

Always a risk taker where money is concerned, that’s why I retired to Spain! But I eventually realised doing this, yes there are losing days but over each month there’s a more than a nice profit to be had. My problem is. I I have to remember the Time difference for the UK race start time!

Howard / El Verger, Spain

Not being a person In good health with limited income and mobility I find this a great way to keep my Brain active and a bit of Fun with Sport and profit each afternoon – I do find my tiredness later In the day makes it hard for the evening Selections In the Winter Racing, Better for me In the Summer months.

Freddy / Keighley

My late Husband was a Taxi driver always having a flutter and this appealed to me as I needed more money to top up my Monthly Pension. Would recommend this without hesitation! If you have patience and determination this is for you!

Nancy / Glasgow