Membership Terms

The EzeeBetr Club has been created for an Informal Group of likeminded people who have common goals of Interest, those being UK Horse Racing (Flat) both Turf and the All Weather Surfaces, Profitability improvements from Betting on Horse Racing and /or those wishing to find a way to improve their Financial Savings without the need to take on more physical work or employment or those that have retired who are interested In a part time income booster from home or wherever. All with the added benefit of it being tax free.

The Aim is NOT to encourage people to enter the inconsistent world of ‘ad hoc’ gambling and racking up debts BUT for them to place aside a sum of affordability – In this case a £250 Banking Deposit and to build this up like Interest In a Bank or Building Society, but much Faster. Should in the unlikely case of a ‘Force Majeure’, and it is lost, then there is no further loss to your Finances. However, when the winnings double your Bank to £500, then you’re playing with profit – that’s when the fun begins!

There are no demanding Rules and Regulations for those wishing to join, except common sense ones for their own benefit but some key points that must be adhered to are:

  1. When you pay the Yearly Membership Fee, which is renewable each year, you start your Betting /Laying on the First Tuesday of the following month purely for accounting purposes.
  2. You must start with a Betting Bank of £250 and deposited into a Betting Exchange – The Account should be in your name.
  3. Up and until your Betting Bank reaches £2500 (After Commissions Paid) you MUST NOT withdraw any funds
  4. When your Betting Bank reaches £2500 you must contact us and you will be given instructions on how to re programme your Betting/Laying and at this point you can make a £500 withdrawal if you wish.
  5. You must, without fail, Stake on at least 3 Races per day , as given out daily, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week via a WhatsApp message 2-3 minutes prior to the race start.
  6. On the first Monday of a New Month, you must forward your 20% Commission, on your profit for the previous Month and confirm this with a WhatsApp Message on the same day. Failure to do so will result in your Membership being cancelled without further communication.
  7. No Invoice will be submitted to you but based on the Published Official Starting Prices for the Results of the Selected Races, our Systems will account your Expected Payable Commission – there will be a maximum allowance of 1% either way which we accept.
  8. Should you wish to leave the Club then 1 months’ notice is requested.
  9. All information relayed to the Member Only and must not being given out to any Third Party.
  10. There will be the advantage of a Once-a-Year meeting, at a Venue to be decided, for all the members to have a get together.
  11. Before your Staking takes place, you MUST read ensure you understand, all information regarding the advice on using a Betting Exchange and the way to Lay (to bet on a Horse to lose) i.e. Not to win the Race – Easy after a little practice – Betting on a Horse to Win is the same as dealing with any High Street Bookmaker.

As previously stated, this system will need 10 losers on the trot if following the Max 10% rule. If your Betting Bank to start with is £250 then this is the maximum you would lose and this is which you agree to without liability to the Club.

You must not Bet outside of our suggestions to our System, follow the Staking, Bet to Win or Lay to use to its fullest entirety, otherwise you will subject to
cancellation of your Membership.

We offer this system for you to use as advised as per terms stated in all good faith and must be agreed and accepted at all times the with Betting advice as given.

Advisory Information –