How it Works

We follow a framework called KISS – Keep It Simple System.

We only concentrate on UK Flat Races both on turf and all weather tracks – 12 months of the year NO Jump Race Meetings. Each day we analyse the races at all the meetings and focus on the favourite of each race where the Pre-Race Live Odds are not greater than 5/2 using 11 Filters of Race History then run it through the 50,000+  Race comparison database and then concentrate on whether Betting to Win or Laying to Lose the Selection or even a NO Stake.

The Budget Required.

To make this work, you must open an account and deposit £250 into either one of the following companies – Betfair Exchange, BetDaq, Smarkets, Matchbook, and Ladbrokes Exchange. All of these companies make a handling charge of between 1-3% on winnings)

EzeeBetR system uses Betfair as a Primary Exchange.

Remember this is NOT the normal betting site which JUST offers daily tips. This helps you plan and grow your winnings into an additional unique personal savings plan.

Firstly you treat your Deposit Account as your Tool Box – eg. a tradesman usually has to have one loaded with a variety of Tools to carry out their work. Your budget is your Tool Box – DON’T withdraw Funds until your Account is at *least* double your initial Budget – This doubling section of budget is effectively the tools in the Tool Box. One will not work profitably without the other.

The Daily Plan – (Tuesday – Friday)

  • Each morning by approx. midday (UK Time) you will be sent the racecourse(s) name, the time(s) of the race(s) that will be of interest to us as potential betting plan.
  • At approx. 3mins to the Race start you will be sent a WhatsApp message saying the Name of the Horse and either Bet to Win or Lay to Lose or Ignore i.e. No Bet.
  • You then immediately make your bet on the Betting Exchange of your chosen company.

Staking – The Master Stroke

Outline Scheme Formulation

  • You only ever use 10% of your Betting Bank on each race – Therefore you would have to have 10 straight losses on the trot to lose all your Budget – EzeeBetR plan has never experienced that.
  • To Make a Win Bet – On a £250 budget the first bet would be £25 – If It won at say 2/1 then you win £50 and your £25 Stake back your Bank would now be £300 and your next race would be 10% of the £300 (£30).
  • To Make a Lay Bet – If the 1st race was a lay and the odds were 2/1, you divide your 10% stake of £25 by 2 = £12.50, your then stake would be £12.50. If it Loses (which is what you want) you win £12.50, if it wins you lose £25 – still your 10%

If it loses as we forecast you win £12.50 and your Bank would now increase to £262.50, your next race 10% would be £26.

Now let us say at the end of the 1st raceday your betting bank has grown from £250 to £350, your 1st Race at 10% on Day 2 would now be £35. You would then do similar each day.

If you had a losing day you would still start the next day with the same 10% of the start of the losing day.

You would carry on this principle each race day to the 28th day of the 1st month.

On this day you subtract the budget on Day 1 from the amount of budget on the 28th. For example – £250 on Day 1 and then £650 on the 28th. Winnings would be £400. (Remember the above is an illustration only – As there is likely to be approx. 48 bets per month, this figure is most likely to be on the low side.)

We suggest you do not take out any profits until after the 28th day of Month 2 -this act will set you up nicely as a security for all future months of Raceday betting and upping your Savings Account in a healthy way.

What does the EzeeBetR Club cost? 

On top of the Annual Membership fee (Standard cost £75 per year), EzeeBetR Club makes a charge of 20% of your gross profit that should be transferred, by BACS to our Bank by BACS within 7 days of the 28th of each month.

Therefore using the above as an illustration (£400 worth of winnings), you would send us £80 (20% of the £400). Leaving you a profit balance of £320, this would be effective from Month 1.

On the 28th day of each month at the end of Race Day, we require you to advise us of your Betting Bank total and the amount of 20% you will be sending us. We then cross check it with our system – if it matches – we message you to say if accepted and you send to our bank the 20% Figure.

If it is not received in 7 days,  we automatically delete you from the EzeeBetR Race system and you will not receive any further Race Selections.

Hopefully this makes sense – if not, please do check out our frequently asked questions page, or contact us. If you’re ready, then why not join now?