F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst we like to think our processes and systems are easy to understand, we know that you might have questions – below we have curated some of the most frequently asked questions. If there is something you need to know before joining EzeeBetR, that isn’t outlined below – please contact us.

Q – Is EzeeBetR illegal?

A – Fully legal with no news of a change of Government plans for betting taxation.

Q – Do I place bets with EzeeBetR ?

A – No, you place all your bets with your chosen betting exchange, we recommend you use BetFair, but any betting exchange that allows Lay betting will work.

Q – Is EzeeBetR a Bookmaker or Exchange?

A – No it is a technology based filter system for the most likely forecast for the favourite to win or lose.

Q – What monies do I pay to EzeeBetr ?

A – A yearly membership fee and 20% each month on the profits generated throughout the current month by our System.

Q – Why is this different to similar sounding services?

A – We aren’t aware of any competitors – It’s a Savings Saver Plan not a “Win today, Spend Tomorrow” service.

Q – Can I leave at any time?

A – You can, we just require 1 months notice

Q – If I recommend a friend do I get a Discount?

A – No, however you do get a £250 refund/credit after your referral stays 3 months with continuous betting, daily.

Q – Why no Bets on Saturdays, Sundays or Mondays?

A – It’s been proven that it is more difficult for participants to bet on a regular basis on Saturdays and Sundays. With Mondays, the racing quality is less than perfect.

Q – If I can’t bet on a certain day due to illness or holidays – what happens?

A – If you are ill and can’t bet, let us know via WhatsApp, and we will adjust your expected month end payment accordingly. If you’re away from and extended period due to holiday, again, please make us aware via WhatsApp, and we can take them you off the system until you return.

Q – How do I pay the 20% Commission?

A – By BACS ( Bank Transfer ) to our Bank on the 1st of each month – Details will be given in the WhatsApp when it is due.

Q – How long must I wait till I spend some of my profit ?

A – 2 Months – Or when your Betting Bank reaches £2500, otherwise you are doing yourself a mis service.

Q – Can I bet from outside the UK ?

A – Yes But you must subscribe to a VPN service to access the Betting Exchanges in the UK.

Q – What happens if there is a ‘Dead Heat’ for a win ?

A – Whatever the odds that you clicked on for and your Selection Won/ Deadheat with another horse then your winnings are halved.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.