Can you DOUBLE £250 in 14 days legally – Tax Free? You could, when you join the EzeeBetR Club – Early Bird Sign Up offer now available!

Can you DOUBLE £250 in 14 days legally – Tax Free ?

You could – when you join the

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How it Works

In Five Simple Steps

Step one – Join the EzeeBetR Club

If you’re an adult aged 18 or over, then for the low price of £49 you can join the EzeeBetR Club for 12 Month’s Membership – Click here to join

Step Two – Deposit Funds

Create an account with a reputable betting firm, our favourites are BETFAIR – BETDAQ – SMARKETS – LADBROKES – SBK – MATCHBOOK, and deposit a MINIMUM of £250 into your account. Please ensure you can afford to do this. It’s also a good idea to look up how to place ‘Lay Bets’ if you don’t already. BetFair have an excellent guide here.


Each morning at approx. 10 – 11am (GMT) you will be sent the Racecourse/s Name, and the times of the races that will be of interest to us as potential betting plan.

Step Four – Place your BETS!

Approximately 3mins to the Race start you will be sent a WhatsApp message saying the Name of the Horse and either Bet to Win or Lay to Lose or Ignore (No Bet). You then immediately make your bet on the Betting Site of your chosen company. You should bet 10% of your fund (eg. £25 if you have £250 – £50 if you have £500 etc.)

Step FIVE – Keep On Going

Don’t withdraw your winnings yet – keep them in your betting account, and place the bets we advise EACH DAY! This system requires a small amount of time and your commitment to keep working on your pot of cash! EzeeBetR Club makes a charge of 20% of your gross profit sent from your bank to the EasyBetR Bank within 7 days of the 28th of each month.

We suggest you do not take out any profits until after the 28th day of Month 2 as this will set you up nicely as a security for all Future Months of Raceday Betting and upping your Savings Account in a healthy way.


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